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A photo of a transformer fire and thermal views showing overloaded transformers
A transformer bank fire may seem like an isolated incident, but it can wreak havoc on an entire system and cause a costly drop in productivity. There are two main ways to avoid an incident like this, but it’s also important to understand what may have caused the fire in the first place. There are a number of possible reasons for the fire, but the most likely are:

  • Overloaded or undersized transformers
  • Recurring faults
  • Low oil level
  • Bad electrical connections
  • High levels of harmonic distortion
  • Transformer fuses too big or not coordinated with the rest of the protection system 
  • Lightning damage

Prevention Approaches:

Load Forecasting

The best way to prevent an issue is to get out in front of it before it has a chance to even begin. Load forecasting with our Engineering team allows our customers to get ahead of system capacity issues and do the necessary system upgrades. Load forecasting also helps suppliers make economically viable decisions when it comes to future generation and transmission investments.

Thermal UAV Inspections

Even with a thorough load forecasting plan, equipment can fail at times. Thermal inspections using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are a vital tool in catching these issues before they turn into full blown failures. Lythix’s advanced thermal cameras can identify hotspots in transformers and other equipment, allowing our customers to make the necessary repairs and upgrades. Also, the speed of using UAV is quicker and less costly compared to inspections done from the ground.

Ultimately, the most efficient approach to avoid a transformer fire is a combination of both load forecasting and ongoing UAV system inspections. The Lythix team’s measured approach can help ensure these system failures are avoided and your team and equipment can continue to work smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about these services — (432) 214-5603 or


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