Using our industrial platforms with inspection specific sensors allows Lythix to provide accurate and reliable inspections while eliminating costly false positives. Our industrial drone inspection services deliver unmatched results using drone technology together with thermographic imagery and visual imaging. Lythix specializes in power line inspections, substation inspections, wind farm and solar farm inspections, pipeline ROW inspections and much more.

Beyond our core services inspecting power lines, substations, and solar farms we additionally inspect:

» Train Paths
» Rights of Way
» Wind Turbines
» Forestry and Mining Operations

» Construction and Maintenance Operations
» Bridge Structures
» Hydroelectric Facilities
» Oil & Gas Pipelines and Facilities


Lythix Aerial platforms with CM level accuracy for planning, construction and maintenance of industrial sites. Acquire GIS data and imagery from a turn-key UAV solution that can cover large areas and takeoff and land anywhere.

» Produce Accurate Land Measurements in Unreachable Areas
» Calculate Volumes from 3D Models
» Chart, Plot, and Plan Construction
» Survey Emergency and Disaster Areas
» Process Contour Lines and Elevation Profiles

» Plan and Prepare Trench Digging or Construction Sites
» Monitor and Report of Pipe Laying Progress
» Map Road Access Conditions and Access Construction Costs
» Monitor Erosion, Ground Displacement, and Vegetation Activities


At Lythix we utilize aerial LiDAR for mapping projects that require incredibly accurate and precise deliverables in a timely manner. The use of UAV mounted LiDAR teamed with our Survey and Engineering teams allows Lythix to process all data in house and provide our clients precise turnkey deliverables not just data packs.


OGI OR QUAD OA (OOOOa) inspections are becoming increasingly more in demand, with the EPA allowing UAV’s to step up and perform the inspections costly LDAR programs typically covered. We can now perform the Method 21 LDAR inspections routinely and more accurately using state of the art sensors grouped together on one platform, while eliminating the requirement for personnel to take unnecessary risks.


Utilizing UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) allows us to offer our clients a safe and accurate damage assessment. Using UAVs we can assess the situation, record the damages, and share the data to multiple locations without risking the life of a single worker. Whether it is photos for a physical assessment, thermal for damaged equipment or OGI for integrity, Lythix has the trained professionals, equipment, and technology to handle it.


We all know information is most beneficial when used in situations where it can be quickly and easily accessed. Maintaining multiple company assets with tons of image and volume data can be a huge struggle even for the best companies with IT equipment and competent staff. Our portal provides instant access to both current and historical volumetric data for everyone in your organizations to when you have granted access. Lythix portal provides resolution customized to the client’s needs addressing both the storage and data access hurdles. Hosted on Amazon Web Services for extreme reliability and much needed security, Lythix customer portal provides a subscription-based answer to all your data needs, accessible via a client login on the Lythix website.

In addition, the need often exists to provide access to users who are in multiple physical locations access to files. Our innovative portal allows clients the same ability to view and download files from their database effortlessly using the same simple web browser login.