We offer surveying services from preliminary, routing, and staking to as-builts on all your infrastructure needs.  We specialize in oil and gas surveying, wind/solar energy related surveying, boundary, urban and rural surveying, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  We use the latest in technology, both in the field and the office, to provide the most efficient services and accurate deliverables to fit your needs.

Our Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) is a local native of West Texas with extensive knowledge of the Permian Basin, Delaware Basin, and southern New Mexico areas.  From city to the energy division, rural to urban, we have the knowledge and skills to help with all your surveying needs.


Lythix offers an extensive range of oil and gas survey services to provide you with a complete survey package, whatever the needs of your operation. We will work directly with your personnel to identify these needs and determine a plan of action for each project. From planning well location layouts, infrastructure design, and construction staking to as-drilled plats, as-built rights-of-way and easements, and GIS, we will provide you with the correct deliverable to facilitate your operations. We understand that time is always of the essence. It is our goal to provide you with accurate survey data and deliverables in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

» Well Location Staking
» Facility and Pad Staking and Layout
» Routing and Centerline Staking for Pipelines, Powerlines, and Roads
» Lease Mapping (Inventory of Existing Facilities and Infrastructure)
» ALTA / NSPS Surveys

» Boundary Surveys for Leases, Units, and Facility Sites
» Road and River Crossing Permits
» Elevation Surveys
» Topographic Surveys
» Geographic Informations Systems (GIS) Mapping
» Aerial Mapping and Surveying with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)


The Lythix Team has extensive knowledge of large-scale ALTA/NSPS surveys and overhead electric transmission line surveys.  We can provide you all the survey services needed to complete your Wind/Solar Energy project. See below for a short list of services.

» Project Site Mapping
» Aerial Mapping
» Project Site and Infrastructure Planning and Routing
» Boundary Survey
» Topographic Survey
» Turbine Staking and Micro-siting

» ALTA/NSPS Survey for Both Project Site and Transmission Line
» Construction Staking
» Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping
» Aerial Mapping and Surveying with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
» Complete As-Built Surveys


Lythix offers a wide variety of surveying services to fit your residential and commercial needs. Our team has the necessary experience and knowledge to provide you the most efficient and accurate survey to meet the needs of your project. Whether it is locating the corners of your boundary or designing a large Sub-Division in the city or county or staking your new fence line, Lythix will be able to help with every step of the surveying process.

» Boundary Surveys
» ALTA/NSPS Surveys
» Category 1A Surveys
» Sub-Division Planning, Platting, and Processing
» Topographic Surveys
» Elevation Certificates

» Construction Staking
» Easement and Lease Surveys
» Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping
» Aerial Mapping and Surveying with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
» Land and Title Research