Lythix manages every facet of the energy procurement cycle from the outset to completion. We begin by evaluating client goals and then create a highly competitive bid process that accurately captures prevailing market conditions. Whether meter count, product structure, or contract language, our detail-oriented RFP process ensures our clients receive precise analysis when comparing retail offers.


Comprehensive risk management begins with an in-depth review of client-specific guidelines to identify goals, risk tolerance, and budgetary objectives. We work closely with our clients to establish and refine targets, which follow local and corporate guidelines. Establishing a strategic blueprint will help guide current and future business needs.


Lythix tailors energy budgets and forecasts to each client’s reporting requirements. With a focus on minimizing unexpected costs, we provide our clients with accurate depictions of anticipated obligations to help when setting budget goals and cost allocations.



Comprehensive energy management does not just occur on a calendar basis or at contract expiration. Whether it is meter additions, consumption management, hedge support, or billing issues, Lythix works with our clients on a daily basis to provide comprehensive support services over the life of our engagement.



Clients with flexible energy load profiles or on-site generations can greatly benefit by joining demand response programs. Lythix can present prevailing market programs and provide guidance as clients proceed through a complex marketplace.