Lythix offers a wide range of electrical engineering services to analyze any present or future system demands. Lythix will work with your personnel to identify the needs of your operation. We can work from an agreed list of deliverables, or start from a real-world problem and work towards a real-world solution. Field surveys can be conducted with ground crews or advanced aerial systems, and can be as detailed and comprehensive as the needs of the client and the project require. Lythix also offers a comprehensive Arc Flash Program to keep our client’s personnel safe.

» Arc Flash Studies
» Load Flow & Voltage Drop
» Loss Economics & Mitigation
» Available Fault Current
» Fault Flow
» Motor Start & Available Starting kVA
» Contingency and "What If" Analysis

» Optimization Studies Including Substation Citing
» System Protection & Coordination Studies
» Power Factor Correction Studies
» GIS Mapping
» Existing System Analysis
» Equipment Standards & Specs
» Overhead & Primary Underground Design &
Construction Specs


Lythix provides complete system protection analysis, modeling, and coordination. This includes existing systems, expansions and consolidations, and modernization programs with advanced digital protection devices. We can also investigate any operation, failure, or misoperation of a protection system and recommend correction and mitigation projects.

» Distribution Station & Substation Protection Coordination, Updates, Upgrades & Expansion Design
» Recloser Programming
» Fuse-Fuse Coordination & Troubleshooting
» System Troubleshooting & Power Quality Investigations
» Power System Field Inspections and Maintenance Recommendations

» Coordination of Power System Protective Devices with Utility System Protection and Impedance Data
» Inspection of Grounding and Lightning Protection for Substations and Electrical Facilities
» Harmonic Distortion - Investigate, Troubleshoot, and Propose Solutions
» Failure and Downtime Investigations


Time demands on customers are high, let us help you decrease the burden by managing your project through to completion. We can manage everything from design, finding the right contractors, following construction, including cost tracking and final completion analysis. See below for a short list of project management areas of focus.

» Load Forecasting
» Long-term System Capacity Review
» Utility Coordination Assistance
» Load (HP) Review - New & Existing
» Drilling Plan Integration

» Maintenance or Rebuild Programs
» Easements, Permits, and Licenses
» EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Projects)
» Project Equipment Procurement


Lythix can provide extensive electrical design services for power lines, from overhead distribution standards, to line staking, to construction and in-service inspections. Lythix employs designers and inspectors with extensive experience from 4kV to 138kV. We also have advanced aerial inspection services and can also provide on-site project management for any construction project.

» Design, Construction, and Inspection Services
» Preventative Maintenance
» Program Pole Line Inspection

» SOW (Scope of Work)
» Construction Bid Process (Normal / Virtual) Line Construction Projects
» Construction Contract Management